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Identity, History, Land & languages are inseparable

Kuki identity Must Cover the whole Kuki territory if a political movement is launched. Mizo, Chin, Kachin, etc. cannot include Kuki in their Political Movement as they lack political correctness and feasible political identity than Kuki.

Instead, people who assert and holds Kuki till today can bind all the entire population without ostracising even a single tribe and province within the geographical boundary demarcation as per record. Political movement holding the identity Kuki, viewing only some portions of Manipur or Northeast India, is to be assumed as a false political ideology as it deceives ourselves as well as the historical and linguistic philosophy, which was already demarcated and recorded. So it is a sense of ignorance and naive to use the word Kuki and that comprises only some portion of the Kuki country. Due to our unawareness regarding this, for a year-long, a huge blunder was made by some leaders but eventually that often lead to failure in their movement, and even we can’t realize the falsehood concept political ideology and so it still exists.

In order to rectify such blunder, the KSRO is hereby to introduce to form secretary of state from every tribes/state under political affairs, within the Kuki Country for the restoration of our long lost sovereignty.

~Mark Haokip

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