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Implementation of Reserved Forest Act over the land of Kuki Chieftainship Rights are naturally invalid

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Thanggoulien Vaiphei
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~Mark Thangmang Haokip, Human Rights Activist

What authority has given the government declaring reserve forest in many tribal lands? Why reserve forest act is used to snatched away tribals lands by the government? Manipur hill is totally demarcated under chieftainship rights recognized by the British and it is also the human rights of the Kukis under the perspectives of the human rights of self-determination and as such it is unlawful to execute any action to be implemented by the government without the consent of the chiefs. Indigenous human rights do not allow such a move for protecting the rights of indigenous peoples.

Therefore, any implementation of the forest act implements against bypassing of Kuki Chieftainship rights shall not be effective and the government should protect and respect the Kuki chief at all costs.

Without the permission and consent of the chiefs, no one can enter the tribal land. Therefore, any move of such will be invalidated from legal and human rights norms. Thus, declaring Koubru Mount including another tribal land as a reserve forest is illegal and prohibited under universal indigenous human rights.

We should be careful!

Posted : 19/04/2021 9:15 am
James Kuki
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Do You mean Kouting Mount

Posted : 31/05/2022 7:10 pm