Letter to Our Lost sheeps

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The Political Movement aimed at bringing Political sovereignty of our fatherland carried out by the MNF did not reach its destination. However, it had taken a coffee break on the mid-way due to the great confusion of ideology experimental in substitute of Kuki Identity. Therefore, brothers, the Govt of India had taken the opportunity to snatch away Lushei-Kuki hills in exchange for development welfare programme which does not fill to the full. You had mistakenly taken development and gave the land to India. This had made the people living in the territory a landless after surrendering the Chieftainship rights and power. As such was the reason buried behind the bar, it needs to be rescued only by the reincarnation of Kuki Political Identity within the Mizo community.

The failure of MNF ideology was expelling Kuki identity was the main problem and introducing unrecognized new nomenclature ‘Mizo’ became their enemy that it had given them to the hands of India. Politically, Zo/Mizo became the enemy of Lushei-Kuki hills demolishing the people’s identity. However, it is very bad that they even did not realize they are still lost from their fatherland and rejuvenating ‘Zo’ again and time again. From this dilemma, brother Mizo needs political rescue from their wandering into this temptation since they would not be able to redraw the spilt water on the mid-way. So, today is good for you to coming back home, seeing that you had been lost a long time ago. We hope the lost son will return home someday. May God bless Kuki-Mizo people!

From Mark Haokip

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